All Purpose Contacting, Inc. (APC) is a family-owned, equal opportunity employer with a dedicated team of employees.  APC has been in business since 1988 specializing in underground utility work and site development. At APC, no employee is just an operator, laborer, truck driver, or mechanic.  They are a valuable member of the APC team. APC values solution-oriented individuals with many skills and someone willing to learn new skills. When working underground, conflicts arise every day, and the entire team must be able to adapt and work together to solve any situation in a safe and efficient manner.

Being a member of the APC team requires individuals to work hard every day and to put in 40+ hours every week.  Each individual must strive on doing quality work and be able to work well with others, as well as project owners/representatives. We are a family-owned business with strong values and we treat our team, customers and vendors like family too.

APC offers competitive wages, health insurance, vacation and holiday pay and a matching retirement plan.

If you are interested in the opportunity to join APC’s team contact our office at 419-695-4165 or email your resume to